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 7 Tips to Achieve Better Ranking For Your Website | Search Engine Optimization

7 Tips to Achieve Better Ranking For Your Website | Search Engine Optimization

To Achieve the Best Results from your website, it should be optimized as per the needs of search engines and also it should provide best user experience so that the user could get all the required information for the requested query.

To enforce this, a website must fulfill certain criteria, which are imposed through search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is process which consists of list of different activities to develop an impact-full website that clearly disclose all the information about your business.   

Here is list 7 most important SEO Tasks:

Choose Your Domain Name (Business Name)

Though the process of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) should start prior to the development of website. The domain name of website should be as per your business or as per your brand name.

Web Site Designing and Development

Your website should be structured in such a way that it clearly discloses the whole information of your business. Search engine loves the website that is easy to navigate and crawled by Google bots.

Audit Website for SEO Score

You will know about your website’s SEO score thought audit. In which you will analyse website for:

  • Website Speed,
  • Website load time,
  • URL Analysis,
  • Website Errors,
  • Index Status,
  • Website score, and many other metrics

This Audit will help you in deciding the health of your website. You can make your further planning for the data obtained from this report and most importantly this analysis should be repeated after every month in the SEO process which helps you to track your work.

Keyword Research and Targeting

Keywords are the basic elements of SEO. Optimizing your website for the relevant key phrase is most important part, so that our website should rank for the required keywords. Most importantly the keywords should be highly searchable with medium competition.

Write the keywords focused content (Articles or blogs) and get your website ranked for those keywords. Your Article should be informative to describe the user requirements.

Speed Optimization

Loading Speed of your website plays very important role to rank your website. The search engine and user find that website good if it loads quickly. So make sure to check the speed of website and make sure to keep it near 3 sec. Website should have average bounce rate(40-50%).

Make sure to keep the size of all pages short by compressing the image size and avoiding unnecessary JS and CSS files.    

Mobile Optimization

Now, it’s necessity that website should be optimized for mobile devices as the user can access the website through mobile devices so to fulfill the desires of users, website should be compatible with all the devices. 

Back link Generation

Back links are like pillars of website. All types of back links whether do-follow or no-follow have their own importance in building the website. Sharing our products and services on different social media platforms is also very helpful for promotion of our Website.   

These are the basic rules to get our website ranked in search engine results. There are many other tactics which vary from business to business.

If you want your website ranked we will help you achieve your goals. Get in touch with Us.

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